Three Reasons To Use WordPress for Your Ministry Website

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I love WordPress.  We redid our church website about 5 years ago into a WordPress site and we have never looked back.  I’m not saying other platforms won’t work or may be better for you, but for me WordPress is a perfect blend of ease of use, google ranking monster, and powerful website builder.

Three Reasons Why Your Ministry Website Should Be in WordPress

#1.  It’s easy to use.  

The days of needing to code your own website so it looks cool are over.  You can design a professional looking website with WordPress and not know what html even is.  WordPress makes building a website like using Microsoft word.  It’s that easy.

Once you pick your theme (a pre-created layout) for your site all you have to do is go in and configure it, add pictures, and add content.  Personally that’s what I want to do.  I don’t want to mess with the functionality of my website.  I want to mess with the COOL stuff (pictures, video, blogs, social media, content).  That’s what WordPress does.  It deals with the all the stuff behind the scenes and makes it easy for you to create an awesome website.


#2.  It’s a Google ranking monster.

Lets face it the war is over.  Google has CRUSHED the competition and in terms of getting people to find you on the internet Google is the king.  Your ranking (web people call this SEO) when people search for terms in Google is KEY to how much traffic you’ll get.  According to this article (click me), 33% of all traffic on searches goes to whoever is listed first in the search.  If you are not in the top 3 of the listing you are not getting a very man people going to your website at all.

Some website creators are designed to be easy to use or have cool features.  WordPress is designed to be search engine friendly.  It’s what it does.

#3.  It’s a powerful website builder. 

Most of time with tech things you either get one or the other.  You either get ease of use or being super configurable and powerful.  WordPress is the Holy Grail.  It does both.  It achieves that by using plugins.  Plugins are programs or apps that function inside WordPress to do certain things.  They do things like add social media buttons, create forms, improve your website security, add additional SEO, and make creating content even easier.  There are over 31,000 plugins that do so many things.  You don’t need to install them all, you just pick the ones that you want and roll with them.  You can do SO MUCH within the framework of WordPress.

WordPress Website

Make the switch to WordPress NOW!

You want your website to look amazing, rank well in Google, and to be able to be built without have to learn programming or constantly have to ask your techy friend for help.  WordPress fits the bill.  Make the switch and move to WordPress like I did and never look back.

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