Twitter 101

twitter 101

Twitter 101

So lets get to the basics of twitter. It’s one of my favorite social media platforms. With twitter you are limited to 140 characters per “post”. This means you need to say what you mean in a hurry.

What are the major advantages of twitter?

#1.  Twitter does not cap your followers (you can have millions)

#2.  The culture of twitter doesn’t mind if you repost the same thing multiple times allow you to advertise things that are important to you.

#3.  Hashtags allow you to allow you to go viral quickly

#4.  Twitter is not designed to interact with JUST your friends.  Twitter is designed to interact with the WORLD!  have fun with it.

Twitter is not Facebook.  There are different expectations and rules.

How do I setup my account?

All you need to join twitter is an email account.  Once you register and pick a username you are good to go.  I also suggest using a Face picture for your profile picture as people will take you more seriously.

What are lists and how do I use them?  

Twitter allows you to follow massive amounts of people, because of this your “feed” will quickly be over run with tweets.  Sometimes that’s great.  Sometimes I just want to look through random tweets and find a gem that’s worth retweeting.  Other times though, I don’t want to miss what certain people tweet out.  This is why I create lists.  You can stick twitter users in lists and then only their tweets will show up when you look at that list.

For instance, I have created a list called “people you should follow”.  This is a list of church members that tweet the sermons and people I know in person.  I check this list the most.  I also have a list called “Christians”.  This list is full of pastors, Christian leaders, and Christians that I admire.  I check this list less but it’s still more “filtered” than my main feed because I know these people on average will produce better tweets than my average follower.

Twitter Lists allow you to organize and categorize your followers so things aren’t so confusing.

How do I get people to follow me?

You should really check out my crowdfire article :).

twitter 101 hashtags

What is a #Hashtag?

Hashtags organize and categorize your tweets into a “group” on the wild world of twitter.  You add your tweet to that group by adding a # sound before the name of the group.  For instance, if I wanted to tweet a bible verse I would tweet out “For God So Loved the World John 3:16 #Bible #Jesus”.  If you tweeted that then anyone who went to twitter could look in the Bible or Jesus hashtag group and find your tweet (depending on how old and popular it was).  Hashtags are useful when you are trying to get people to retweet your tweets that don’t follow you.

Should I makeup fancy hashtags?

Generally I advise against it unless you are doing it for fun.  The odds that your #RockinThisSermonAtFVC hashtag is going to take off are slim.  It’s honestly better to choose broad hashtags that summarize what you are tweeting about.  It’s also useful to look at the trends sidebar in twitter and use hashtags that are already popular to try and get your word out even more.


Twitter allows people to direct message you.  However many of these direct messages are automated and not actually typed by a person.  I tend to go through and answer questions as needed and ignore the automated messages.

How does FVC use twitter?

We use twitter to share our sermons and also to live tweet the sermons as they are going on?  Sharing our sermons allows our sermons to be heard by not just the congregation at FVC but Christians all over the world.  I feel that our Pastors/Preachers at FVC do a great job at preparing and preaching messages.  We want everyone to hear it.

Live tweeting the sermon is a good way to promote our live stream and also a way to engage the sermon in a techy sort of way.  Sort of like taking digital notes.  If you would like to join along with tweeting the live stream just use the hashtag #FVCLive during one of our services.

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2 comments on “Twitter 101”

  1. William hays Reply

    This is new to me I have been on Twitter since ’09 , there is a group I am involved with as a ministry on Twitter. So how would having this added to my Twitter account help me share the chats and other praise & Worship times we have.

    • todd Reply

      Adding what to your twitter account? lists? Lists would help with your group by making it super easy to see your groups tweets only (and not everyone else you follow). So it would be super easy to retweet your groups tweet thus making more people see it.

      I love ministry with twitter

      God Bless 🙂

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