Support Others to Support Yourself

Luke 6:31 – And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.

Not only biblical but good social media advice as well.  There is nothing worse than following someone that only shares/tweets/posts about their own things.  It’s ignoring the basic idea of what social media is … it’s SOCIAL.  That means you must interact and share other peoples ideas, hopes, dreams, and thoughts as well as yours.  Making it just about you will limit your growth and turn off lots of potential people who could be interested in what you have to say.  As you strive to achieve your own social media goals, you must also bring other people with you.  As they grow you will too.

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Pick 10 people/accounts to “promote”.

Think about it for a minute and come up with 10 people that are influential in your life that have a social media account on your preferred platform.  These can be famous people or simply your friends or anything between.  Make sure they have similar passions as you so sharing their information will be easy for you.  A few of the people I support on twitter are @Krachunis, @BogdanKipko, @Dave Ramseyand @FVChurchAuburn.  Once you have established your list of 10 then start to reshare, rewtweet, or repost things that they are promoting.  This will give your normal feed a break from just posting things from you.  

Tag Other People in Your Tweets/Posts

Not only is it important to share other peoples tweets but also it’s important to tag them as you repost their stuff.  This serves two purposes.  #1.  It lets them know you are promoting them.  #2.  It allows your followers  to easily start following whoever you are promoting.

Schedule Posts with Other People’s Content.

If you haven’t checked out my Social/Tweet Jukebox article on how to schedule posts make sure to do so.  Once you have your jukeboxes setup it’s easy to promote other people.   Simply setup tweets linking to other people’s blog posts, social media accounts, web pages, or whatever and encourage others to view their information.

Get Huge and Bring Other People With You

As Christians the goal is for Christ to be proclaimed.  That means not just my ministry should shine but every solid Bible based Christian ministry should shine.  Sometimes other ministries may not possess the social media knowledge that you do.  That’s ok, use your knowledge to help them (and point them toward my webpage).  We are the body of Christ, so lets promote and encourage others who are on the front line of there mission field serving God.

God Bless

Pastor Todd Sommer
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