Sharing the Gospel without speaking words

Before we start, I want to address the Pharisees in the room.  No I’m not saying you shouldn’t “EVER use words to share the gospel.  In fact it’s quite the opposite.   I believe it’s our God given MANDATE to share the gospel by speaking it to those around us.  Even if it’s uncomfortable for you.

Check out this sermon (click on the picture) for a great sermon on that.


That being said for some of us (including myself) it’s much harder to speak what we feel and know.  We struggle because we are introverts, private people, insecure, and scared of being hurt or rejected.  Baby steps are required :).

You are my people!  We will get through this.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Social media is for introverts.  This is why I LOVE IT.  I can sit behind a screen and fully think out my thoughts and type exactly what I want to say without having the pressure of someone sitting in front of me waiting for me to speak.

Let me take you though three really easy ways to leverage social media to share the gospel.

#1.  Take a picture at church during service and post it on social media.

Do you know that some people in your life may not know that you go to church?  Rather than “bash them over the head with how they should be in church” maybe it’s just as simple as showing them that you are at church and having a great time and that God is moving in your life.  A picture paints a 1000 words.  You don’t have to “say” anything.  Simply “share” the fact that you are at church and love it.  They will want to come and check it out.  Once they are here, I promise you we will make sure they know Jesus loves them.

My church brothers and sisters are more important than football. #SeahawksVS49ers #Jesus #HouseDivided

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#2 Share the Sermon

I stumble over the words.  I can’t get them out.  If only there was someone who could eloquently speak the words in my head so I could articulate to my friends what Jesus means to me.  This is what it sounds like in my head sometimes when I’m feeling inadequate about my ability to share the Gospel.  Luckily there is HOPE!  I’m giving you the easiest way out that ever existed.

SHARE Faith and Victory Sermons on Social Media

Pastor Matt is one of the most well spoken preachers I have ever heard.  He relates the gospel to people in ways I am not capable of.  He preaches the gospel with clarity.  It is his God given gift to stand in front of people and proclaim God’s Word.  Sharing the Gospel comes easily for him.  I’m sure you feel the same way about the pastor/pastors that preach for you.  If your church records it’s sermons you should share them.  If they don’t, maybe they should and you can be the vehicle by which that happens.  I would love to help you.

Here is the best part

All I have to do is click a button.  The share/tweet button.   Technology does the rest.  It reaches out to all my friends on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and shows them that I think this sermon is something they should check out.  All at the push of a button, and I didn’t have to talk to anyone.

#3 Tweet/Gram/Facebook the Sermon

Cell phones are amazing technology.  Our smart phones have become part of our daily lives and some of us can’t live without them.  As an introvert, I find comfort being able to connect without having to speak in front of people.  Using your phone in church to highlight a specific point or idea that you thought your pastor nailed is a great way to spread the gospel.  You can either do this live (while the sermon is going on) or after church is done.  If you do it live make sure to get the blessing of your preaching pastor.  You don’t want to be a distraction.  If the pastor says no then just write it down and do it after church is over.  At Faith and Victory Church it’s approved we love people sharing the gospel online as it happens.  You’ll find me in the back most Sundays tweeting away.

I love to post my thoughts about the sermon while it’s happening.  For me it’s like taking notes online.  It makes my mind record and take in what is being preached so much better.  The only difference between posting your thoughts with online with your phone and on paper is now these notes are available for other people to see and comment on.  This can lead to some amazing interactions and lead people to Jesus.  It may also lead to you taking some flack over your Biblical stances.  In my experience, both are important for your growth as a Christian.  I put this one last because it’s the hardest to do. 

It’s “next level” if you will.  At this point you aren’t just sharing a link or taking a picture, you are posting a truth from a sermon that people will assume you stand behind.  This is the essence of our Christian faith.  We are called to proclaim God to all the nations of the earth no matter what the cost.  Your Christian brothers and sisters have died and continue to die all across the world because they think that message is so important that it must get out (see North Korea).  So I encourage you to take that next step and put something out from the sermon for your friends, co workers, family, and the world to see.

Don’t only use Social Media

As I said at the start, you must use words to share the Gospel at some point in your walk with God.  This isn’t a way to avoid that.  However, if you find it difficult to share your faith this is an excellent/easy/safe way for us introverts to begin the process.

God Bless

Pastor Todd Sommer
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