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I’m a pastor not a preacher.  I dislike public speaking in general (for myself).  I do love to listen to good sermons though and I’ve listened to a lot of them as I’ve been a Christian since I was a child.  Preaching is really an odd thing if you think about it.  As a preacher you pray, research, study, craft, and construct a perfect sermon and deliver it before your congregation of people on a Sunday morning.  You bring God’s word to the people.  Then it’s done.   Never to be heard from again.  All that work GONE!  Then you do it all over again.

I’m here to suggest a better way.


Turn Your Sunday Sermon Into a Blog

What if instead of losing all that information, all that research, and all that hard work, we were to record the sermon.  Once recorded we could share it to the internet and through our various social media connections.  Other people that don’t even go to your church could be blessed by the message you preached.  The perfect vehicle to stick that recorded sermon into is a blog.  Bloggers typically add new information on a regular basis (just like a preacher who has a new sermon every week).  Bloggers research, write, and present interesting, informative, and well thought ideas to the people who follow them (just like a sermon).  The only difference is bloggers record that information on the internet for everyone to see.

How do we start? How do I record sermons?

You can start very simply if you like.  Simple audio recordings is how I started recording Faith and Victory Church‘s sermons 4-5 years ago.  If you don’t have a way to record audio right now, I suggest purchasing a tascam.  They are easy to use and give you a good quality recording.  If you want to record video as well please check out my article on how to record your sermons to youtube.  It explains in detail what you will need to make video recording happen.


I’ve recorded a sermon what do I do with it now?

Now you need to upload your recorded sermon somewhere on the internet.  The first and usually cheapest way to do this is your webpage.  If you have unlimited storage in your hosting plan you can upload the recordings straight to your website and keep them there.  If that option doesn’t work then you’ll need to purchase a service.  I suggest either https://soundcloud.com/ or http://www.sermonaudio.com/.  You’ll need to pay a small monthly fee to use each service.

I have my sermon uploaded to the net.  How do I turn that into a blog?

You’ll need to make a page or post for that Sunday’s sermon.  If you are using wordpress I would suggest using posts.  Once you have the post created add a link to your audio or video sermon.  Underneath the audio and video sermon include your sermon notes.  This generates text for google and other search engines to latch on too.  This makes it a blog post and not just a sermon recording.  Since most pastors I know keep some kind of digital copy (word doc) of their notes this should be as easy as copy and pasting.

Along with sermon notes some other things to include are a graphic, pictures taken before/during/after the service, embedded social media posts,  and links to share the sermon/blog post on social media.

Here is an example of what Faith and Victory Church Sermons look like once they are completed.

sermon page example

I have created the sermon post/page and it looks awesome now what?

Now you do what Net Apostles do.  You share it on social media.  You share it everywhere and you share it multiple times.  I suggest using a program like hootsuite or social jukebox as this makes scheduling social media sharing in the future really easy.

As always if you have any quesitons let me know 🙂

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