Recording Your Sermons To Youtube

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Recording Your Sermons to Youtube

Using social media is a great way to grow your church. One platform that your church can easily use is Youtube. If people can see what your sermons are like before they visit your church for the first time it makes them feel more comfortable. Also sharing the sermons is great way for your congregation spread the Gospel online. If you can scrap up $100-$200 and don’t mind messing with it a little bit, recording your sermons to YouTube pays big dividends in the long run.

What You Need

  1. Video Camera
  2. Tri-Pod
  3. Computer (I’m assuming you have one)
  4. Memory Card
  5. Memory Card to USB reader (if your computer can’t already read memory cards)
  6. Internet Connection (I’m assuming you have one)
  7. Video Editing Software (optional)

Where to Buy, What It’s For, And How Much Does It Cost.

Ultimately it doesn’t really matter where you buy stuff.  I personally use because I love not having to go into a store.  If you have a favorite store you use that it’s fine.  Look for a cheaper camera and get a tripod to go along with it.  As camera technology changes a lot I’m not going to get into specifics.  Just know, You’ll just need to spend the bulk of your money on the camera.  You can use a $100 camera and be just fine, unless you really want to I wouldn’t more than $500 on a camera as you just don’t need it.  You’ll also need a memory card.  This is used to record the data coming from the video camera.  I would spend about $50 on this.  Get something that is a larger size as video always eats up lots of space.  Again I won’t get into specifics because the camera cards are always getting bigger.  Make sure the memory card is the type that your camera uses.    Last but not least you need a way for your computer to read the memory card.  Sometimes (especially in laptops) your computer may already have a way to read memory cards.  Make sure to check first before spending money on an external reader card.  There are several types of readers that you can get that plug into a usb port or usb3 port.  I’ve included a picture of one below.  Make sure to read the reviews and get one that is reliable and works with the type of memory card you have.


How to Set It Up

Distance from where your camera sits to where the preacher is preaching is important.  I’m assuming your going with a cheaper video camera, so that means you want to be as close to pulpit as possible without interfering with the service.  The more you need to zoom in the more expensive video camera you’ll need.  You’ll also need to think about sound and lighting.  You might need to add some lighting on the pulpit and if you have to much background noise then you might need to move the camera (or buy a better microphone attachment and attach it to your camera).  My advice here is to try it several different ways and see how you like it.  If you have a camera that has a microphone out connection on it and you have a soundboard which the pastor is speaking into you should be able to run sound from your soundboard to your camera, which will eliminate all external sound.  That gets a little more complicated so I would try using the camera’s microphone to begin with.  You’ll want to keep the camera on the tri-pod (for stability) and make sure you have the memory card in (so it records).  Don’t forget to hit the record button!

Editing Your Sermon

Once service is over and you have stopped recording eject the memory card from the camera and take it to your computer.  Transfer the video files to your computer using your usb to memory card reader or whatever other means you have to do that.  Once the file/files are on your computer you can edit them or just upload them straight to Youtube.  You may need to combine files together (depending on how long your service is and how your camera does it), shave time off the beginning or end of your recording, or maybe even add a church logo and website information.  If you have a windows machine you can use windows movie maker (it’s free).  I personally use Cyberlink Powerdirector.   You can get it for about $50 if you get a good deal or catch a sale.

Setting Up Youtube

The first thing you need to do is create your Youtube account.  Once it’s created you’ll need to verify that account so you can upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes (which I’m assuming your sermons are).  A video on how to verify your account is below.


Once you are verfied upload your videos to youtube. Make sure to rename the title and enter your service times, church address, and website (if you have it) in the information field. Also make sure to enter lots of search terms/categories. The more you enter the more will come up in youtube searches.  Once the video uploads and processes (depending on how fast your internet is, takes from 30 min to two hours) then you can paste the link into facebook, twitter, or whatever social media you like.  At FVC we’ve taken it a few steps further and added some graphics, verses and other fun stuff but to start out it’s not needed.  An example of our sermon recording is below.  Make sure to tweet @NetApostles if you liked this page or have any questions.  God Bless.

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Recording Sermons to youtube

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