Who Am I and What Am I Trying To Do?

Pastor Todd

Sometimes it’s helpful to know who you are dealing with :).

Who are you?

I’m Todd Sommer an associate pastor at Faith and Victory Church.

What does an associate pastor do?

Well I do lots of things.  I teach membership classes, build/setup any technology the church uses, make sure Sunday services run smoothly, coordinate the different ministries of the church, design small groups, I am often the first to show up (turn on the lights) and the last to leave (lockup), help keep track of the finances, minister to the people of my church, lead the deacons, but more than anything I do whatever the senior pastor needs me to do.  Oh yeah and I also administrate the website and act as a social media ninja for the church.

What is a social media ninja?

Well … I didn’t coin the phrase but for me I consider it to be a person who is more than just participating in social media.  As a social media ninja, you are actively seeking to push forward your ideas in the biggest way possible.  Sometimes those ways are not fully understood by Joe user who just logs on to Facebook once every few days (hence the Ninja part)

What are you ideas and how big are they?

I want to reach every single person on social media with the Gospel of Jesus Christ (sometimes I refer to this as taking over the world) and use that interaction to get people to go to church (not just my church but church in general)

That seems crazy!

Yes it is.  I love impossible goals.  I believe in a God who does impossible things.

Taking Over the World

Why should we listen to you about social media?

I help pastor a medium sized church of 350 people (ish).  We have 1200 followers on Facebook (almost 3x our congregation) that routinely reaches over 8000 people in one week.  The church twitter account is just shy of 100,000 followers and we will eclipse that in a few months.  The church twitter also has over 5 million impressions in a month.  The church instagram (which is my least favorite) has about 2400 followers.  Our webpage faithandvictory.com receives about 2000 unique users every month.  More than half of which are new users.

More importantly we get new visitors to church every week from social media and our website.  It’s difficult to track but I estimate 40-50% of the visitors that walk through the door of FVC came because of some kind of social media interaction or they just found the website.  This is a much higher number than most other churches (I read somewhere the national average is around 8%).  Our social media/website is a major piece of why our church is growing.

We make social media work to help us do the ministry.

I have other questions?

I love to answer questions contact info below.

Pastor Todd Sommer
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