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Did you know that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all use an algorithm (math) to determine what posts you should see.  The days of your social media feeds being everything that your friends post is over.  All the major social media platforms “filter” what you see.  Now it’s mostly not their fault.  They had to do this otherwise it would be too much information.  The problem with it though is, it means you could miss important information because your social media just decided it wasn’t important enough.

Luckily for you Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have some form of notifications.  Notifications allow you to specify accounts that you don’t want miss their information no matter what.  Each social media alerts you when those accounts post.  I’ll walk through how to turn those on for each one.

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Facebook Notifications

Facebook notifications come in two forms.  Ones for pages (businesses or hobbies) and one for profiles (people).  It is accessed through the friends pull down on a Facebook profile and on the page like button on a Facebook page.  I have pictures of both above.  Once you have enabled notifications it will send you an alert (it will be as if someone like your post except it will say so and so (whoever you had the notification for) posted this.  You can then click on the notification and view the post if you want.

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Instagram Notifications

You can only turn on Instagram notifications from your phone.  You simply go to their profile page and click the three dots at the top and it’ll bring up the menu above.  After that just click Turn On Post Notifications.  Once enabled, you will get notifications every time that person posts just like you would if someone commented or hearted your Instagram post.

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Twitter Notifications and Lists

Twitter notifications alert your phone when someone tweets.  Basically it will buzz your phone when an account tweets.  You can enable it from that persons account page by clicking on the tiny gear next to follow button on their profile page.  It’s not recommended to enable that for someone who tweets a lot (like @FVChurchAuburn).

Twitter lists are a much better way of not missing tweets from your favorite people.  Twitter lists filter the tweets to only those people in the list.  It’s a great way to be able to scroll back in time and see what you missed.  I keep lists for the people in my church, people I retweet, and other interests that I have.

To add someone to a list you click on the tiny gear next to the follow button on their profile page.  Then you can can add and remove them to your lists.  If you don’t have any lists you can create one at that time by pushing the create a list button.

Once your list is created you can access it from your profile page.  Clicking on the list will show the tweets of the people in the list (picture below)




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