Live Streaming Your Services to YouTube


Live Streaming to Youtube

Live streaming and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love the technology.  I love the fact that I can stream services straight to youtube and folks at home can watch it.  Your congregation will find it useful and also there is a certain coolness factor that I just “love”.  Your congregation feels more involved when it’s “live” than if they watch a recording.

There are some downsides though.  It’s more expensive (you’ll need a good computer and also good internet service).  It’s more technical than simply recording your sermons and putting them on youtube.  It sometimes fails to work because of internet issues or windows problems or youtube problems (sometimes they just hose you).  It also requires more “babysitting”.  Last but not least once your people have it they will NEED IT.  If it’s not working your people will let you know :).  It’s an additional “thing” that has to be monitored for Sunday services.

I don’t suggest live streaming unless you either have a super passion for it (like I did) or you are a medium sized or larger sized church.

What you’ll need to make it look/sound good.

  • A beefy computer (I’m using a windows based desktop that we custom built for it).  The machine cost me about $800 in parts (I assembled it).
  • A good broadband internet service where you want to stream.
  • A camera with a mic input
  • Soundboard
  • Black Magic Card (details below)

How to set it up.

The first thing to look at is the black magic card.  It’s called the Intensity 4k Pro (click for the link).  This card is the cheapest way to stream using an external camera (which gives you a 10x better picture than a usb camera).  It allows you to plug a hdmi input into your computer and stream to the wirecast software.

This card is PICKY about hardware.  It just flat doesn’t run on some cpus and boards

My suggestion is to call black magic and discuss your computer specs with them to make sure it will work.  My experience with their support line is at least a 30 minute wait.  This card only works with a desktop and not a laptop.

Once you have the black magic card installed in your computer you’ll need to connect it to the camera with a HDMI cord.  Generally you’ll need a mini HDMI to regular HDMI cord for that.  Your camera probably came with one or you might need to order one on amazon (or whatever).

You’ll want a camera that has a mic in input (it’s not standard).  This allows you to take sound from a source that is not the internal camera microphone.  This allows you to run a cord from your soundboard to your camera and have your soundboard sound (really good sound) be what is heard on your livestream instead of the internal camera mic (aweful sound).  You can also run sound straight from your board to the Intensity Pro 4k Card but I didn’t really have much luck making that work because the sound always seemed to lag behind my video.


Downloading Wirecast

To download wirecast (which is free until you want to get fancy) simply create a live stream event and get to the part where you enter the live stream information.  At that point it allows you download wirecast for free.  Simply download and install it.  (picture below)


Once wirecast is installed open it up and and add the intensity 4k Pro as a camera (picture below)


Congrats you now have your external camera connect to a computer inside the wirecast software.  The last step is to connect wirecast to youtube.

First go into youtube and go to “Stream Now”.  Setup an image and the information that you want.  Then from inside wirecast click stream (at the top left, picture above).  At this point you should have picture and sound streaming on youtube.  It’s good to note that there is a delay (20 seconds or so).  So it won’t show on youtube instantaneously.


The Power of Youtube

Even my grandmother knows you to use youtube.  Everyone does.  This is what is great about streaming to youtube.  It’s a universally known piece of software.  This also allows you to export the iframe code into your website so you can drag traffic to your website instead of youtube.

Feel free to contact me with Questions

While this is not a step by step how too I feel I covered the major problems I had when trying to set this up.  I’m more than happy to help you get started just reach out to me.

God Bless

Pastor Todd Sommer
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