Using IFTTT to simplify your Social Media



What is IFTTT?

It stands for If This Then That.  A common command for anyone who has programmed before.  IFTTT has turned that simple command into a powerful website that does everything from close your garage door at a certain time to sharing social media.  For my article, I’ll be focusing on social media but feel free to go crazy with it :).

IFTTT Website

How Does This Help Me With Social Media?

IFTTT simplifies your life by automating certain activities that can become super redundant.  It uses “recipes” that you select and configure to accomplish that.  There are 1000s of recipes that are awesome but I will cover my favorite three.


This one is HUGE.  If you don’t use IFTTT for anything else this is the grand daddy of them all recipe that is the coolest.  What this does is automatically tweet your picture with text and hashtags when you post on Instagram.  Normally your tweet from Instagram would be a text link to your picture on instagram.  This recipe makes it so a picture actually appears on twitter as a picture.  I have this setup to activate twice (once for @netapostles and once for @FVChurchAuburn) so anytime I post to the church Instagram it tweets it out.  There is also a variation of this recipe that make it so it only does it if you use a specific hashtag.  Either way this recipe is golden as it makes it so I don’t have to repost pictures manual on twitter.  I can just post my pictures to Instagram (which I prefer for pictures anyway) and be on my way.

twitter list

Knowing who retweets you is a powerful tool especially if you are collecting a large following.  This recipe allows you to place anyone who retweets you into twitter list.  I use this for two things.  #1 it’s an extra level of engagement for those people that took the time to retweet something of mine.  Plus when you get added to a twitter list it makes you feel important.  #2.  As I’m messing with twitter for the day I scan the most recent tweets from this twitter list.  If something catches my eye I retweet it.  Retweeting those that retweet you is being social … you know like social media :).


This works the same way as the above except instead of building your list off of people that retweet you it builds it off a certain hashtag (you choose).  This can be helpful if you are trying to get people to use a certain hashtag as you can keep track of people using it :).

This is just a small list of things to use IFTTT for.

Seriously get in there and check it out.  It has tons of recipes for tons of different types of social media, phones, home automation, and lots of other stuff.  It’s super easy to use and you don’t need to know how to program.

God Bless

Pastor Todd Sommer
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