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Quick Testimonial:  Last week I talked with a visitor who said “I choose your church to visit because the other two churches had only had a couple of reviews and one of them was bad”.  People look at reviews.  You need to make sure your church reviews are the best they can be.

At Faith and Victory Church we have enjoyed a 5 star ranking in both our Google and Facebook reviews.  Will that last forever …. ehh maybe I kind of doubt it.  What I do know is that we will always have a high rating.  Why?  I ask my congregation to review our church and I don’t just do it one time.  I do it 4-5 times a year.  I ask people in person to do reviews … I’m pretty much stalk people until they do reviews.  I don’t tell people how to grade us but the people of your church love (unless you have bigger problems) your church, you should get a good rating.  Explain to them how big a deal it is.  Explain to them that they are furthering the gospel by doing a review.  Explain to them that growing the church takes everyone together.  Doing reviews grows the church.  Make it a big deal.

Google Reviews

Google reviews are huge because when people do google searches the review shows up in the search.  The problem with google reviews is you have to have a gmail or google+ account to do a review.  This means its a pain in the neck for people to do a review unless they already have an email.  Explain this to your congregation and encourage them to create gmail accounts if they don’t have them and post a review.


Facebook Reviews

Isn’t everyone on Facebook at this point?  Facebook is a huge outreach and your congregations friends will be looking at your church Facebook page wondering if this is the church for them.  Encourage your congregation to write a review and post it on Facebook for all to see.  This is the sharing the Gospel without the face to face contact.  You never know who is stalking your Facebook account.  We have had so many people come visit our church because someone posted something on Facebook.  Challenge your congregation to be bold and get that review posted TODAY.


Short but to the point.

This article isn’t very long but it doesn’t need to be.  Mobilize your congregation to do reviews.  Do whatever you have to do to make this happen (within reason).  It’s that important.  When we started out I even had the senior pastor talk to people about it from the pulpit (before the sermon) just to emphasize that this is for everyone (not just the tech people).  Pick a goal for the amount of reviews that you want and stalk people until it happens.  YOU CAN DO IT.

Pastor Todd Sommer
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