Using Crowdfire to Grow Instagram and Twitter


Using Crowdfire to Grow Instagram and Twitter

Just like a real ninja equiped with swords, ninja stars and a black outfit, a social media ninja needs the right tools.  One of the most invaluable tools that I have is called Crowdfire.  It has competitors, but I’ve found it to be the easiest to use and the most powerful (I’m not getting any money to say that).  It works on both your computer browser and phone.  What Crowdfire does is grow your following on Instagram and twitter.   It does this by latching on to one of the basic principals of social media

If you follow me.  I will follow you back

but I’m getting ahead of myself … first we must answer the why. 

Why do I want 1 billion followers?

As a social media ninja, my goal is to reach as many people for my cause as I possibly can.  Does this mean a person who has 100 followers can’t start something “viral” and reach the entire world?  No, quite the opposite, one of the beauties of social media is it levels the playing field of thought.  You can most certainly can do that.  Here’s the problem.  In my experience going that route requires a measure of luck or fame that I can’t count on.  I’m just really not interested in waiting around to see if something goes viral.  As a social media ninja I want to MAKE it happen.  As a social media ninja I know that part of social media is just a numbers game.

The more followers I have, the more chance I have of my message being received by those people who it was made for.

How do I get 1 billion followers?

By using Crowdfire and the idea that if you follow people they will follow you back.  Let me give you an example (this works mostly the same for instagram).  Every morning, I wake up and log on to twitter and my crowdfire account.  Using twitter I find a user that has a TON (30,000+) of followers that is a celebrity or person of knowledge in subject that I am interested in talking to people about.  Since I’m a pastor it’s easy.  I look for people who talk about Jesus and the Bible.  People like @BillyGraham@PastorMark@can2009, or @Thru_The_Word.  If you have no idea who that might be use a # search in twitter on the word your interested in and look at the users posting to it.  Once you have established who to use you open Crowdfire and click on copy users.  You then input the twitter handle into the space provided and click enter.  It will then spit back a list of users for you to follow.  The brilliant part about this list is it makes it super easy to follow TONS of people that should be interested in what you have to say very fast.  All you have to do is click the mouse button 1000 times 🙂 and wait for people to start following you back.


Are there limits?

Yes, there are limits.  Otherwise I’d already have 1 billion followers :).  Because twitter and instagram are wise to this process they limit the amount of people you can follow.  For twitter, (once more than a few thousand people follow you) it’s 1000 people a day and 120 users per every 3 minutes or so (roughly it’s based on a more complicated math problem).  This means in one 24 hour period I shouldn’t follow more than 1000 people.  On instagram doesn’t seem to have a daily limit but rather limits you to 40 – 120 people per hour (depending on how many followers you already have).

The Limit to following people on twitter is 120 people per every 3 minutes or so (so you follow 120 people then wait 2-3 minutes before doing it again) and 1000 people per day (roughly).

Does it cost?

Yes … if you want there is a free version but I really only suggest using that as a way to try it.  It limits you to 50 followers per day.  It’s like $6 a month for the service.  That’s one trip to starbucks … if you aren’t willing to invest that in your social media growth then being a social media ninja may not be for you.

Don’t be cheap.  Buy it!

What about the people that don’t follow me back?

Having people that you follow that don’t follow you back is not worthwhile as a social media ninja because they will never see your message.  On a good day I get about one third of the people I follow to follow me back.  On a bad day it’s less than one tenth.  Crowdfire also handles this for you.  It has a non followers section where you can unfollow people just like you followed them to begin with.  There is no limits to unfollowing on twitter.  So I give people a week to follow me back and then once a week I go through and unfollow all the unfollowers.  Instagram counts a follow and unfollow as the same action.  You can only follow or unfollow 40-120 people per hour based on how many people follow you.

What if I have both twitter and instagram?

Crowdfire allows you to link up to 3 accounts to the paid subscription.  Any twitter or instagram account.

Where do I get the crowdfire app?

You can get it at the google store (for your phone) or at

What if I have questions?

I love answering questions …  email me or hit me on social media.

Pastor Todd Sommer
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    • todd Reply

      It’s more difficult to do but kind of possible. Everything is shaped by whose followers are copying. For example I live in the Seattle area. So if I wanted all types of people to follow me I’d start with copying people from the Seahawks and Mariners. Then I’d move on to the twitter accounts for the Seattle Times and the TV stations in the area. I might even try Starbucks Coffee (originated in Seattle). The idea being follow peoples followers that naturally will have people from your area. Also crowdfire has a feature where you can follow people who tweet a hashtag. So I would use that to follow people using the #Seattle or #AuburnWA hashtag. Instagram has since disabled the ability to use 3rd party apps. So this only works with twitter now.

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