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Two days before the writing of this article the Faith and Victory Church twitter (@FVChurchAuburn)  hit 100,000 twitter followers.  I manage the church twitter and we have church of 350-400 people.  How is it possible to have that many follows for such a small church (we didn’t purchase them)?  The answer is Crowdfire and my love of social media.  Crowdfire is one of the two social media applications I pay for and use on a daily basis.  It provides the single most important thing that you need for social media – followers.  I previously wrote a blog post about how to use  Crowdfire … you can view it here – Using Crowdfire to Grow Instagram and Twitter.  This week Crowdfire (@Crowdfire) reached out to me and asked me to write another article previewing their new updated software Crowdfire 2.0.  I jumped at the chance and here is what I got :).

Crowdfire 2.0 – Easier to Use

The great thing about the Crowdfire 2.0 app draws attention to things you should be doing as a person who wants his social influence to grow.  Some of these things it took me months of reading expert blog posts to figure out (aka the hard way).  Crowdfire puts the beginner tweeter into all the places he/she needs to be.   It does this by using an interactive interface called Firebot.  Initially Firebot helps configure Crowdfire setting up autoDMs, making sure your profile picture is right, your website info, and have your profile setup correctly.  After your profile is complete, Firebot goes through once a day and prompts you to tasks that will help grow your following.  It takes about 15 minutes to complete all the tasks.  If you just use firebot for 15 minutes a day, I guarantee your Twitter following will grow.


Follow Your Competitors Followers

This is the #1 feature of why to use this software.  During the setup of your profile you will be asked to list other similar twitter accounts or competitors twitter accounts.  The idea here is that they follow a similar twitter account or competitor of you.  They are obviously interested in whatever you talk about.  So they will probably follow you as well.  Previously in Crowdfire, you had to individually choose one twitter account and copy that account and then move on to the next one (so one at a time).  Crowdfire 2.0 combines all the people you enter and gives you one giant list and prioritizes it so you’ll get the best accounts to follow.   It’s a great feature!  Below are some of the twitter accounts I’ve targeted.  Obviously they reflect my interest which is Jesus, the Church, and spreading the Gospel.

crowdfire competitor

 Following Users Tweeting Certain Hashtag

Following people that use a hashtag that is relevant to what you are interested in is also a great way to grow your Twitter followers.  @FVChurchAuburn is a church so if I follow people that use the hashtag #TeamJesus, #Jesus, #sermon, or #OnlineChurch a lot they probably have a high probability of following me back, because we have similar interests.  This was available in the previous version of Crowdfire but it never worked well for me.  In Crowdfire 2.0 it works very well and I get a large list of accounts to follow using it.  This probably has to do with the ability to pull multiple keywords and hashtags where as before you could only do one.

Follower Statistics – A great new feature

Firebot spits out a daily report of my followers and unfollowers.  I love this, it’s great and I hope they add other interesting statistics and fun stuff in there.  I’m a sucker for statistics.


Things I wished were different about Crowdfire 2.0 (it’s in beta it may just being in the process of being added)

I’m 97% happy with the upgrades to Crowdfire 2.0.  Overall it’s a complete win and I won’t be going back to the old version.  There are a couple of things that I wish were different.

#1.  It doesn’t show me how many people I’ve followed in a 24 hour a day period.  I know that I can follow about 1000 people per day on twitter before twitter blocks me from following more people.  I want to know where I am in relation to that number.  The old Crowdfire had it … where did it go?  Please bring it back.

#2.  Switching between accounts is a pain.  I manage multiple twitter accounts (cause I’m that crazy).  Using Firebot with multiple accounts works flawlessly.  If I want to go manually though, it quickly locks me out after switching accounts and asks me to re authenticate.  The worst part is it says click below … and there is nothing to click on.  To make re authentication happen, I have to remove my account and add it back in again.  A pain in the neck.  This seems like a bug, that hopefully gets fixed.


Crowdfire can still be used for Instagram but because of the recent API changes you can no longer follow people from Crowdfire.  These Instagram changes are VERY new so we’ll see how Crowdfire adapts and if they have further ideas on how to gain followers without the ability to follow people.


I wish I could say it was a personal invite and I was one of the 10 people getting to try Crowdfire 2.0 out (cause that would make me look WAY cooler).  The truth is that Crowdfire 2.0 is available for everyone to try just click on the link below.


Legal Disclosure

Crowdfire offered me an additional year of their paid service to write a review on Crowdfire 2.0.  Please keep in mind however that I purchased with my own spend money (You Dave Ramsey people know how sacred that money is)  a subscription to their service way before that ever happened :).  I feel they provide an exceptional product that is worth paying for and I certainly wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t believe in.  Crowdfire is free to try and you should :).

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