Canva – Amazingly simple graphic design.


Canva – Amazingly simple graphic design.

As a pastor I wear a lot of different hats.  I’m forced to be a jack of all trades.  Sometimes plumber, sometimes web design, sometimes mentor, and sometimes graphic designer.  That’s why it’s so cool when you can find something FREE that helps you accomplish a goal quickly.  Canva is an easy and free solution for producing professional looking graphics.

FREE and easy to use.

Did I mention it was free?  There are layouts and graphics that you can purchase if you want (if it makes your life easier) but for me I get along just fine using the free layouts and designs.  It’s also VERY easy to use.  If you have used microsoft word or any graphic or imaging software before Canva will feel very intuitive to you.  They have tons of free layouts which you can easily edit to do whatever you want.

Fishers of Men1

Lots of Fonts and the Ability to Upload your own Pictures

If you’ve read my previous articles, you know that I stress taking your own pictures (A Picture Says a 1000 Words).  Canva makes it super easy to upload your own pictures and overlay them with sharp looking text.  Speak of text they have TONS of cool fonts.  All of which are FREE.  No more messing around downloading and installing fonts into windows … it just all happens on the Canva website.

Things you can use Canva for as a netapostles.

Bible Verses, Sermon Graphics, Blog Posts/Graphics, in your website, or basically anywhere that you need a custom graphic made fast and easy.


I didn’t find Canva by myself :).  I listened to the #twittersmarter podcast by Madalyn Sklar where she did an interview and a couple of her guests recommended this app/website.  I am now hooked on using it.  If you aren’t listening to her podcast you should be :).

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