Bitly Shorten and Manage Your Links


Bitly – Shorten and Manage Your Links

Bitly is something I just started using but is super useful.  As twitter is restricted to 140 characters every letter is valuable.  This is where Bitly comes in.  Instead of having a link that is long (and ugly) such as

Bitly allows you to shorten it to

Not only does it use less characters but it also looks better and displays a message.  You can create any custom bitly link, as long as it hasn’t been used before.  For example I wanted to use but it was already taken by someone else.  So I had to add HH (for Holy Hip-Hop) at the end.  Bitly is super easy to use so I don’t really need to go into how to create a link because the UI does a great job in making that easy.  Just create an account and start creating links.

Bitly is also a great way to track your links.  It gives graphs and charts and allows you to quickly see what links are doing well.

To wrap it up, Bitly is a simple solution to a needed problem of shortening your URL links.  Simple and effective is what I love :).

God Bless

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