3 Ways To Make Your Church Facebook Page Awesome

3 Things to Use Your Church Facebook Page For

If you haven’t created a Facebook page for your church you should.  Make it separate from your personal page.  It’s a great way for the people of your church to get involved online.  Here are my top three things that you can do with your church Facebook page.

#1.  Share Your Sermons

Every week your pastor works hard at preparing a sermon that God has for the congregation.  That message is for the congregation and maybe even other believers in Christ outside of that church.  The great thing about living in 2016 is we can record audio and video easily and even if you aren’t able to attend because of sickness, travel, or whatever you won’t miss the message if it’s recorded an put online.  Your Church Facebook page is a great place to share that message once it’s recorded.  If you need help recording your sermons check out my post Recording Your Sermons To Youtube.

#2.  Share Pictures of what’s going on.

I believe that through the power of Jesus we can change our lives.  The testimony of that changed life is the most powerful weapon we have for sharing the Gospel.  Sharing your testimony doesn’t have to be standing up in front of the congregation and sharing your life story.  Sharing your testimony can be as easy as taking pictures at church activities and posting them on Facebook.  We have seen SO MANY people visit our church and say that they HAD to visit to check us out because they saw our pictures.  Take pictures during services and events.  Make sure to tag people in your pictures as your post them.  That way all their friends will be able to see the picture.  If you need help creating good pictures check out my article A picture is worth 1000 words

#3.  Facebook Events are Better Than Announcements

We have a saying among the pastors at FVC.  “Nobody reads the bullitin”.  Maybe it’s the digital age we live in or maybe we just aren’t that good at making bulltins but for whatever reason we couldn’t get our congregation to look at it so they knew what was going on.  Enter the Church Facebook page.  On your church Facebook page you can create public events (or a calendar) that people can see at anytime and even join the event to let you know they are coming.  As opposed to the bulletins (which we couldn’t get people to read) we found that people loved it when we created Facebook events.  The Facebook events also remind people on the day an event is happening so they don’t forget.  It also makes it really easy and non confrontational for your congregation to invite your friends to your events.

Use the power of your Church Facebook page to grow your church, share sermons, share pictures, and keep people informed with what’s going on.

God Bless

Pastor Todd Sommer
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